I'm a lover of soft music playing from the record player, my three cats chasing each other from room to room, and hearing my husband open the door as he gets home from work. I believe in wearing black from head-to-toe and kissing under the stars. Each night I drift off to sleep listening to stories from far away places, and I dream about the stories I'll one day tell. My passport is always ready, and my suitcase is well worn. Paris is my first love and my second home. I live by the motto: She believed she could, so she did. I believe in magic, stardust, and wishes coming true. I think that sometimes photographs look better a little blurry and a little grainy because sometimes life is a little blurry and a little grainy. I love telling stories, and I will never take for granted the true honor it is to tell even the smallest moment of someone's story with photographs.

WHO I am

MAdison Bramwell, photographer and designer

That deep sophisticated love story, the one of a kind romance. Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Red wine and dark twilight nights. Walking home as the sun rises above the tall brick buildings, the street lights go off as the new day begins and the city starts to wake. The magical hour between dawn and morning, the fog in the air and the dew on the grass. The slow hum of traffic and the cool breeze that signify the joy of a new day.

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crisp autumn air floating into open windows and rosy cheeks from lingering kisses.

my favorite things

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fox tails, chocolate chips, and freckled shoulders.

my favorite things

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peonies and passport stamps.

my favorite things


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